FREE PATTERN - Oliver babypants

If I were a baby, this would definitely be my go-to pants :-)

Our son Oliver is a cool kid, and cool kids need cool pants, ha! I made my first babytrouser pattern when he was about 3 months old, and I modified the pattern every time he grew some inches. And babies grow fast, I can tell you that!

 I received many questions on publishing this pattern, but I'm afraid I'm not a pattern wizard so I decided to contact my good friend Griet from the blog Emma & Mona.

Together we improved the pattern, added some extra sizes, digitalized it, and created a step-by-step photo tutorial.

Hello Oliver pants! I'm so excited to announce that Griet and I now offer this pattern, for free! Sizes 56 up to 92!


Cut the front and back panel out of stretch fabrics, adding 1cm around the pattern. Please note that this is a pattern designed for knit fabrics.

The backpanel is slightly higher at the waist.

Put the front and back panel with right sides together.


Sew or serge the side seams and inside of the legs. You can use the overlock stitch on your regular sewing machine, or a serger.

As you might know, babies and toddlers are busy bees and they move around all the time. The seams will hence encounter a lot of pressure, so we highly recommend you to enhance the durability of the seams. Do this by sewing all seams with the stretch stitch on your sewing machine.

This stitch looks like this:


Turn your Oliver pants to the right side and iron the seams.

Yay, this already starts to look like pants, right!?

Now cut three pieces of fabric, based upon the scheme below.
Two for the ankle cuffs and one for the waist.

Cuffs & waistline
* This is our recommended sizing, please keep in mind that your fabric might be more or less stretchy. Adapt where necessary
* Seam allowance is included in these measurements
* The height is always 10 centimeters


 Ankle Cuffs



12 cm

28 cm


13 cm

30 cm


14 cm

33 cm


15 cm

34 cm


16,5 cm

36 cm


17 cm

38 cm


17,5 cm

38 cm

Create little tubes by folding the fabric in half, rights sides together, and sew or serge the seams. Now fold half of your tube up, wrong sides together (you'll notice that the seam is now hidden).

Attach the cuffs to the legs. In order to get a clean result, make sure that you match the side seam of the cuff with the inner seam of the leg with raw edges together. Serge or sew the cuffs to the leg, slightly stretching the cuffs in order to fit the leg.

Do the same with the piece of fabric you cut out for the waistline. We've chosen to align the seam of the waist piece with the center of the backpanel.


 The gorgeous knit fabric by I Got Stripes was generously provided to us by Bellelien. Thank you so much Kathleen!

EDIT A free pattern is not made in a few hours. Both Griet and I spent some hours on creating, editing and improving this pattern. We share it with you, just because we like to make people happy. You can use it to sew pants for your own baby, or to give as a gift. We don't allow you to use this pattern for mass production, nor to use in workshops.

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  1. Hartelijk dank voor dit leuke patroontje!

  2. I totally love this pattern. Unfortunately my boys are growing too fast. Is there a chance, that you offer this pattern in bigger sizes?


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  8. Dankjewel voor dit leuke patroontje, m'n kleinzoontje zal veel plezier van dit broekje hebben.
    Groetjes, Josette

  9. This pattern is amazing. I just love it. Thank you for sharing it with us. I wanted to put some pics but i don't know how. :)


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